School aims and core values



Belmont Castle Academy aims:

♦To provide a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment.

◊To seek to ensure all of our children not only learn to read but develop a real love of reading.

♦To offer a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum (and learning environment) which is based on a ‘book focused’ approach.

◊To offer our children first-hand experiences wherever possible.

♦To challenge every child to achieve the highest standards of which he or she is capable.

◊To enable pupils to develop self assurance, self esteem and self-reliance.

♦To develop respect for other people, their religious, moral, and cultural values.

◊To encourage involvement in the community, and respect for its values and for the environment.

♦To develop mutually beneficial relationships with parents and the local community.


Our Core Values

 A lot of emphasis is placed on our Core values:

Wisdom, Justice, Courage, Compassion, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Hope,

We expect not only the pupils to uphold but also the staff.

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