PE Grant

The PE Grant for BCA this year was £21,950.00. In the past, we have used this funding to improve the attainment in swimming, engage more children in physical activity and excel in many areas of the P.E. curriculum. This year we have purchased two permanent ping-pong tables at a cost of £3,248.00 for the playground.

These are used daily during lunchtimes as well as within PE lessons and aims to encourage all children to participate in a sport and learn a new skill. We have also invested just over £10,000 .00 of the grant in a new climbing area and soft floor playground. This apparatus is used every day at lunchtime and we have also used it during some PE lessons.

At Belmont Castle Academy, we believe that swimming is an extremely important life skill. Therefore, we have again chosen to subsidise swimming lessons for children in years 2, 3, 4 and 5 at a cost of £6,000.00. We have also entered into the SSP swimming gala again this year after competing for the first time last year. In preparation for the gala this year, we have organised two swimming training sessions.

Also, we subscribed to Thurrock SSP, costing £1,553.00, for entry into all School Sport partnership competitions throughout the year. This package also included:
Programme based on training the children to become young leaders for play times and lunchtimes.

Entry to all competitions and events run by the SSP.

Entry onto all courses run by the SSP. This will benefit all teachers in the school as they will now be teaching PE lessons for the first time in 4 years.

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