Our Vision

Thank-you for taking the time to visit our school website and I hope you find the information useful. As Principal of Belmont Castle Academy for just over ten years now, I feel very proud to be associated with what is a very successful and innovative school, one which has been graded ‘good’ in the previous three Ofsted inspections with increasing evidence of outstanding elements. Whilst we are a good school, we aspire to be a great one and this is reflected in everything we do. Key to the success of any school, I believe, is the appointment of really high quality staff who are passionate about making a difference to every child in their care. I believe that at BCA we achieved this, having as we do, a very effective and highly motivated team who are all committed to achieving this aim. Indeed, this is reflected both in terms of the high quality learning environment and also the quality of teaching and learning evident right throughout the school. We are also in a fairly unique position in that over the last three years, we haven’t had to rely on agencies once for supply cover, thus ensuring that our children only receive ‘first-quality’ teaching on a consistent basis. This is clearly one of the factors that is helping our school to achieve continued all-round success.

We have a very effective Pastoral Support team which helps to ensure that children who are new to the school settle in really quickly. There is also a lot of support for other vulnerable groups such as those who are EAL, SEN and Pupil Premium and this is why these particular groups of children do well in our school and thrive.

There is a shared commitment at BCA to ensuring that every child, regardless of their starting point, should receive as exciting and stimulating educational experience as we can possibly offer. This is one of the key reasons why we took the decision to introduce our ‘Book Focused’ curriculum. We believe it is through this approach that we are able to realise one of our key aims of ‘developing a love of reading within our children’. Our curriculum is enriched in many ways: we offer children first-hand experiences wherever possible, through trips and visitors to our school, this also includes regular author visits. Two recent examples of special visitors to our school are Nick Butterworth and Gareth P Jones. We are also fortunate in having our very own specialist Spanish teacher, a professional water colour artist working a week, a steel pan orchestra, as well as good links with a range of other organisations such as The Royal Opera House. Three years ago, we took the decision to introduce iPad technology throughout the school which is really helping to enhance the learning experience and in 2018 we purchased our first set of Virtual Reality headsets.

We also run an extensive range of after-school clubs for the children, with the intention being to try to provide them with as wide range of opportunities as possible including: the ones linked to sport, music, drama and also more academic subjects. In addition to which many of our older children have excellent opportunities to take on additional responsibilities as: Head boy or girl, Team Captains, Junior Librarians, Peer Mediators, Playground Buddies or School Parliament representatives.

Furthermore, our school has achieved a great deal of sporting success over the last few years; in particular we have won the Cross country and athletics borough finals for the last six years in both Key Stages, 1 and 2. Many of our children then go on to compete at County final level, cross country, athletics and also gymnastics to names just three.

We took the decision to become a ‘stand alone’ Academy because we felt that we really understand what our children needed in order for them to be able to grow into confident and enthusiastic learners and we have shaped our curriculum accordingly to meet their needs. In short, we wanted to retain our individuality and everything that is special and unique about our school, Belmont Castle Academy.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and if you do require any further information about our school, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, either through the school office: 01375 373601 or via email: principal@belmontcastleacademy.org.

Mark Jones



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